Sunday, August 24, 2014

To Market, To Market, Giggety Gig

The weather has finally cleared for today at least. 
It has been like a swimming pool outside for the last week, cloudy and damp.
I suppose that is what it's like in Washington State during the winter.  
The humidity has finally dropped.  
Yesterday, I went to the Farmers Market.  
I figure local produce is coming into market.  
Here is all I got:   
Red skin potatoes and fingerling potatoes, an acorn squash, green beans, cucumber, Jewish Rye bread, cinnamon bread, strawberry rhubarb jam, Maple caramel corn and frozen gluten free pizza crust.  
 Our next door neighbor is a single lady.  Her garage door has been open for 36 hours and her car hasn't move.  Bob said after he cut the grass, "Maybe we better check and make sure she isn't dead."  I got my key just in case.  We went over and rang the doorbell.  She answered.  Hooray, she isn't dead.  She is a nice neighbor.

I have been working on my Ravens and Crows.  Not sure how I'm going to finish it:  frame or pinkeep?
Decisions, decisions, decisions.
Next weekend we pick up the new puppy.  We did some puppy shopping today:  collar, new small crate, food and milk bones.  We are old hat with this so probably won't be excited until the ride to get him.

Hope you had a great weekend.  Thanks for stopping and love the comments.

Keep on stitching


  1. Ravens and Crows is a cute little stitch. Can't wait to see the new puppy photos! We have had so little rain that I have forgotten what it looks like and yes, this is the Seattle area. However, you are right about us in the winter.

  2. Send some rain this way please, we could use it. Love that raven and crow stitch... I giggled when I noticed the one without a head... lol! I know, it's where you stopped and it's not done yet ;-) Great haul from the farmer's market! Looking forward to seeing pics of the pup!

  3. Is that a Halloween stitch? Very sweet.

  4. Great haul from your farmer's market! Ravens and Crows is looking good. Looking forward to seeing your puppy pictures.

    Robin in Virginia

  5. Your goodies from the market all look delicious.
    Good thing you checked on your neighbor, we do that also.
    Ravens and Crows is turning out cute.
    Can't wait to see the new puppy!