Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cable TV....Don't Get Me Started!

I know in the rest of the country, you all have had to have a digital box on every TV to get reception.
We just had to convert to that.  But and its a big BUT, we can't get free TV here unless you have a 100 ft antenna.  I'm not kidding and there are city ordinances against antenna that are greater than 30 ft.  You see the problem is iron ore.  We are in the Menomonee Iron Range.  The only way to get reception is through cable or satellite TV.  This past tuesday, if you don't have a cable box on every TV you don't get reception.  You can get satellite TV at a great rate for the first year then they gouge you the second so it is a wash.  We would use free TV if we could and Netflix or Hulu the rest but, not happening.  They are charging us $6.99 a box.  We would even buy a box if we could but you can't do that either.  Cable should be considered a utility and regulated.  We have only one cable option if you ask me that constitutes a monopoly.

Can you tell I'm irritated?  

And they hype it as all HDTV.  You know what, the TV in our living room still has a tube... nothing high def about it!

I finished With Thy Needle and Thread Sewing Bird.  Three more to go.  I ranted and raved about cable because the HD channel listing ended up in the background of this picture

 I started on a freebie From Notforgotten Farm:  Ravens and Crows.  I love this pattern.
I'm doing it on 36 ct Light Pear with GAST Black Crown.  The only problem and it really isn't much of a problem is that there really isn't a grid to the download.  I have the grid lines that occur between every 10 stitches but nothing inbetween.  I think I can handle it.
On the up side, we are picking up the new puppy in about a week.
We are getting another German Wirehaired Pointer.
Will post pictures when we get him and I'm sure many blog entries.  
Hope you week has been good.
It has been a humid and dreary week here.  
Thanks for stopping and commenting.  
Keep on Stitching


  1. It's a monopoly, that's for sure.
    Cute projects.
    Can't wait to see the puppy. :)

  2. Oh I really really sipise cable companies. It is a shame that they are the way they are.

    But on a happy note your WIP looks great and congrats on the new addition, can't wait to see pics.

  3. Don't get me started on cable TV either! Yugh! I could write a book on "customer service with cable providers." Thank goodness we have our needlework.

  4. We have an old TV so I know just what you mean. Our kids think we live in the very dark ages!! I agree with the comment, thank goodness for needlework! Your finish looks great!