Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Brilliant Idea

You know it is difficult to come up with a snappy title for blog posts.   Just sayin'.
So here is the brilliant idea.
Arttie, one of the stitchers took this out and slapped some on her middle finger.
She doesn't like to use the little adhesive pads to keep from poking holes in her fingers.  
Sometimes when I have been stitching, I use them.
But, this is a brilliant idea.
She dabs a little bit of new skin on her finger.
Once it dries, she 's good to go.  
This is a picture of the White Chocolate Tart I made last night.  
It called for two cups of Mascarpone cheese but, I got on line and substituted cream cheese and it turned out fantastic!
It was cool.  I never did this before but, I made the tart dough in a food processor.
It was BAM! A ball of dough!!
It doesn't take much to impress me sometimes. 
 I finished Notforgotten Farm,  My Needle is Sharp.
(I woke up this morning realizing I made a mistake with the designer!!  OOPS)
I did this in a weekend.  
I stuffed it with walnut shells and stitched it up.
I want it for a pincushion to keep my the sewing machine.
I love the weight and feel of it.  
 I also finished Cinnamon Heart.
I fixed the wonky section
 And the back.  
Bob's brother and his family are coming for a week.  The kids are staying with us since my MIL's duplex is a two bedroom and we have room.  I've been cleaning and washing some bedding.  Katy will also be home for the week since there isn't much going on in the lab.  I'm happy about that.

Glad tomorrow is Friday.  Ready for the weekend!
Hope you had a great week and an awesome weekend.
Keep on Stitching


  1. Great little finishes!!Enjoy the week-end!

  2. That tart looks divine! Hope you saved me some?

    Your stitching looks lovely too and I love the little heart on the back, a lovely touch!!