Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Christmas Queue and Oh Yeah, a Finish

I think I'm starting with a finish. 
I finished my Heart in Hand Thanksgiving Blessing.  
I just have to lace up the back but, I wanted to blog about it.
I really love this pattern and it was a very fun stitch!
I'm done with it in time for Thanksgiving.  
I wanted to show you some of the things in my Christmas Queue.  
I doubt I will finish them all before Christmas but, hey you can hope.
This is Lo How a Rose Sampler in an old Better Homes and Garden  book, A Cross-Stitch Christmas.  I saw this on Of Needles, Pins and Stitching Things Here.
I ordered the book from Amazon for like to next to nothing.  
The shipping cost me more.  
I'm doing it in the over dyes and on 36 count antique white linen.  
Little closer.  
When I take pictures at night they either turn out yellowish or washed out.  
 The Stacy Nash I started last year:  Christmas at Hollyberry Farm.  
I have a ways to go on this one.  
 This Threadwork Primitives shouldn't take very long.  
I love how it is finished in the picture. 
 The the Homespun Elegance Merry Merry Soul.
I forgot the other one in the Queue:  Merry Eweies.  
 Needed some more thread for this 
With Thy Needle and Thread Cozy in the Pines Sampler.  
I think I could work on this after Christmas since it doesn't scream Christmas.  
 This one however can't be anymore Christmas-ee with a Santa.
I needed to order some thread and fabric for these.  
Bought the Thanksgiving turkey today for 77 cents a pound.
Can't beat that.  
I have a few more things to pick up for dinner.  
Can't wait to see the kids. They should both be home on Wednesday.  
This weekend is suppose to be Artically cold.
Saturday high of 16 and Sunday a high of 19.  
That is way too cold!
That is like long underwear weather!!!
I guess I'm just going to have to stay home and stitch.  
Hope you have had a great week, a great Friday and a warmer weekend.


  1. Your Thanksgiving finish looks great and I love your Xmas projects!!
    Sounds like you are set for Thanksgiving! Have a great weekend.

  2. I love that Thanksgiving finish - so glad you got it done with enough time to enjoy it! You chose great Christmas designs, too. Enjoy your stitching!

  3. Congratulations on your Thanksgiving finish! It turned out fabulous. You have some pretty pieces to stitch in your Christmas queue. Have a wonderful weekend; stay warm!

    Robin in Virginia

  4. Love all the pieces you are working on! Those are some mighty big plans though! I find that I can't count on any stitching time in the month of Dec. with all there is to do to get ready for Christmas. An this year the time is so short! Laura

  5. Your Thanksgiving finish is beautiful, Monica.
    Oh, your Christmas stitching pile looks like my Halloween one until I was determined to finish each one. I really like the charts you have chosen!
    I have high hopes for my Christmas stitching but don't know how much will actually get finished. Times a'tickin'

    Oooo, those temps are cold! Stay in cozy and warm :)

  6. Great projects! Love your finish!

  7. A great finish and you finished it on time.
    Wow, the queue of Christmas projects is long, but as some aren't too big you might finish some before Christmas.

  8. Very beautiful finish! Nice new projects!