Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Woman of a Certain Age

Disclaimer:  I will have another blog today that is stitchy

This could also be Musings in the Shower or maybe rantings.

On my way to my stitching retreat I did some shopping since shopping in the UP can be scarce.
I was armed with Joann Fabric and Younkers department store coupons.  I had a Clinique coupon for a free eye cream, one of the Clinique products I use on a consistent basis.  I was excited but apprehensive what the catch might be.  I had to check it out.

I got to the counter, which is being renovated.  Two clerks or consultants were chatting with each other.  I patiently waited while they finished their conversation.  The petite one came to answer my questions.  I inquired on what I needed to purchase to obtain this little treasure.  I really didn't need any skin care products. I have more than enough since some of the ones I have I really don't use since it makes my skin breakout.

Sidebar:  I have been battling acne since my teenage years and I'm now 54.  Maybe menopause will bring clear skin.  I'm still using acne wash!

Back to Clinique.  I inquired about eyeshadow.  "Noo, that's make up.  IT is ONLY skin care," she replied, her tone expressing irritation.   She repeated the "it's only for skin care" like I was senile.

"Well then," I said, "I guess I won't be getting any," and I walked away.

 Now as I was showering this morning I thought I could have a travel kit.  Then I thought, "hell with her and her skinny little ass!"   I suppose it doesn't matter to Clinique what I think.  They need to get more women behind the counter that understand a woman of a certain age.

So pardon the rantings.  Better eat some breakfast and hit the road.  Laundry is beckoning me.


  1. Such a shame ~ for good customer service, she should have offered you a substitute!

  2. We all have days like that. Yesterday we almost got side-swipped by a young woman texting while driving. She had a little child in the back! I had one of those days too! I told the DH all the tickets I would give her if I were a policeman!!