Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stitching Bags - I think I found one I truly love!

I have a love-hate relationship with stitching bags.  It seems I have a hard time finding one that is just right, and it has to be cute.  There is always the cute factor...ever so important.
I love the project bags that are zippered.  I have several of those in different sizes and they work really great for a project.  When I go to my stitching group I have to carry more than my project bag.  I need to carry an Ott light and an extension cord.  The size I stitch on requires good light and my eyes aren't getting any younger.  I have "progressive lenses" just a fancy way of saying bifocals....LOL.
My first stitching bag is kind of old and lacking the cute factor.  I think I got this in the 1980's and it is seriously drab.
 This one I got a freebie with Estee Lauder.  Cute but, a little too beachy and nothing organizational on the inside.  And the straps are kind of short so can't sling over the shoulder. 
 This one is sort of cute.  It was the Christmas present to the stitching group 2009 but, not really big enough to carry the light, the extension cord and the project bag.  I may use this one for knitting.  The straps are too short on this one too.
I was looking and I think I have found, at long last the perfect stitching bag.  It is from Vera Bradley and since it is a retiring color, it was on sale.  I have a really large VB bag to carry my purse, lunch bag, Hand Journals, umbrella, coffe mugs, water bottles etc to work.  That bag is too big for stitching but a great bag.  This is the East-West Tote.  I think it scores very high on the cute factor....
 The straps are certainly long enough.  The inside is uber cute!  Magnetic clasp
 Pockets on one side to hold the extension cord, my wallet and cell phone so I don't need to take my purse too.  I think this one might be the winner since it scores so high on the requirements. 
 Finally, the socks aren't too small.  Katy had them on today and they fit like a glove...or rather a sock.  I could finish off the second sock and they turned our fabby!  She loves them.  Got to get more of this type of yarn for when I am home recupping from my impending knee surgery.  UGH!
 Have a super week.  Thanks for stopping.  Keep on stitching.

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