Thursday, March 22, 2012

March Daffodil Update and Crazy Old Ladies

I suppose someday I will be a crazy old lady.  I'm a crazy middle-aged lady right now.  My kids threaten to institutionalize me if I get like this.....
Scenario #1:  My nearly 85 year old mother calls me this morning.....

"I'm afraid I may be in a pickle.  You know I saw that full page ad in the newspaper about the Aloe Vera pills that are suppose to be good for your stomach.  You know that all that stuff for heart burn is no good for you and I just feel lousy.  I ordered it.  Well they called last night to let me know it was on back order and it would be a while before I get it.  I went to bed thinking maybe I shouldn't have ordered it.  Well, this morning my credit card company called me about it and said I was suppose to cut up my card and they are sending me a new one."  I told her to call the natural food store and see if they carried something like this if she wants to try it and it won't be 3 months worth. 

This isn't the first time.  About 6 months ago she ordered some sort of supplement that is suppose to help with your memory.  That at least wasn't a scam.  They refunded her money when the stuff made her blood pressure go up.  I actually think, when she stopped taking it her memory was worse than when she started taking it.

Scenario #2  I decided to vacuum and move living room furniture today.  My mother-in-law, who is 83 comes over to walk the dog.  "Hey do you think that the two of us can flip my mattress (queen-size)"  I told her we could try and if we can't do it, she would have to wait for Bob.  In the meantime....Bob gets a phone call from his brother in Atlanta, "Don't let mom flip her mattress."  When I did talk to Bob, I told him, "Yeah, your mom came over to see if I would help her flip her mattress.  We did it."  Bob, "Oh yeah.  She had Steve all worked up about it." I just find it amazingly amusing at times.  Maybe it doesn't sound as funny on paper

Anyway.  I used my new stitching bag for Stitch n'Bitch last night.  I must say it was AMAZING!

Finally, what you actually may be waiting for.....March Daffodil update


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