Thursday, September 8, 2011

LaCrosse Cross Stitch Shoppe

Whenever I go to a new city, I like to check out a few things.  Usually I like to see if there is a cross stitch store.  And there is.  It's called Crosse Stitchery and Mainstreet Framing and it was very cute.  It was very full of wonderful things.  I did contain myself.  I only picked up Chessie & Me Pumpkins in a Row (and all the thread) and the Mighty Oak Sampler.  Oh and the Christmas Ornament Just Cross Stitch. 

The Historic Landmark Designation.  Its always fun asking if you can take pictures for your blog. 
Check out the pics of the store.  It use to be on Pearl Street, when I was there 10 years ago and has since moved.  The building is very cool.

 The Christmas section and threads.
The front window of the store.  The building is long and narrow.  There was a basement but, I didn't go down there since my knee is still all messed up

Just some of the displays.  What I like out the Ipad is now I can look at them close up.  I just can't blog real well from that. 

I am definately returning to this place when we go for family weekend.  Maybe I can spend a little more time and money.  I also went to the Bead Shoppe but, forgot to take pictures.  That place was really cool too.  But, may first love will always be my stitching and thread. 

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