Sunday, October 11, 2020

Schoolgirl Sampler Club

 I got my Schoolgirl Sampler Club piece on Friday.  I don't think there has been a clinker in the group and the latest is simply my opinion.  Its on my immediate radar once I do some things first.  I love everything about this piece, the fabric, colors and of course the pattern.  

Aren't these threads yummy! There is fabric for both pieces:  the sampler and the Merry Christmas pillow.  It may be a small drum.  
I think it will be a fairly quick stitch.  Like I said, a few things I want to work on before I go to this.  
One of those things is the Farmhouse Christmas from Little House.  I'm going to start over yet again.  First I was going to do them individually, then a bell pull after I saw one finished that way.  I started that on Parchment but, decided you couldn't see white thread enough.  I had more of the Parchment and not really crazy about the fabric...not Zweigert based.  I have a large piece of natural linen and that would really work but, its a full yard and I don't want to cut into that.  Lying in bed this morning, I decided I would start over and dye the fabric.  I was dying fabric at 645 this morning.  I have the two pieces next to each other.  The dyed piece looks pretty close to natural linen.  I'm stitching this for the Stitching Bee ornatment SAL.  I will go back to do the barn later.  I want to get Horsin' Around done first.  
My Japanese Maples are lovely now.  I love these trees and the gnarly trunks.  The bigger one always turns a little later.  
It has been a wonderfully sunny weekend and a high of 58-59.  We got the last of the yardwork done.  Bob is having his left rotator cuff repaired on Wednesday.  I'm sure there will be some ranting in the next few weeks.  I going to try to be good. 

That about sums it up.  The weekend really goes by too fast.  Back to work tomorrow.  To top everything off, I get to start learning a new documentation system this week.  We go totally live next Monday.  No stress here.  

Finally, going to try and vote early this week.  After the foiled attempt to kidnap Governor Whitmer, I don't want to deal with intimidation at the polling place.  They will be there.  They were in 2016.  

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  
Masks, sanitize, social distance.  


  1. Anxiously awaiting my ABC school girl kit from Country Sampler-happy mail enroute to me. The colors of the trees are vibrant this year--maybe 2020 is trying to redeem itself. Hope all goes well with husbands surgery and recovery

  2. That is going to a beautiful sampler with that fabric & those beautiful threads.
    Don't you love their packaging?
    Wishing Bob good luck with his surgery.
    Have a great week!

  3. What a lovely sampler and thread palette in the Country Sampler kit! Your trees are gorgeous.