Sunday, June 10, 2018

I Am Digging Netflix’s Lost In Space

Being a kid in the 60's, I grew up watching the cheesy Lost in Space  
I thought it was pretty cheesy then.
Definately not as cool as Star Trek.
When  I heard Netflix had re-done the show, I thought "Yeah right."
But, I'm really digging this show!
I love the robot, Will isn't an obnoxious kid and Penny is hysterical.  
I really hope it gets picked up for more seasons.  

Can't show you what I'm working on because it is my sister's birthday present.  
I will post it after she gets it.  
This much I will tell you, I'm using Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe threads.  
I have stuff to show you though.  
Yarn I picked up at Rainbow Yarn and Gifts  
It is absolutely gorgeous and I have a pattern picked out, but, when I was taking pictures, 
I couldn't find the book to show you.  
It is Baby Alpaca and Tencel.  
The color is called Atlantis.  
Its going to be a lacy scarf/stole
Got some Dixie Sampler Hand dyed fabric:  French Vanilla and Ocean Waves in 32 count.  
I usually don't buy a lot of color other than neutrals but, the blue kind of spoke to me.  
It really is a beautiful color.  
I'm sure I will find something to stitch on it.  
Ramping up for Sarah Braisear.
I have 40 count Flax Linen and will be doing in over-dyes.  
I am waiting to get the remainder of the floss from the Bee.  

Look how off these two Old Hickorys are.  
I think I have enough of each dye lot so no worries.  
Piney Woods:  the one on the left is more green
The one on the bottom is more brown.  
I will have to see what it is for before I decide which one to actually use.  
I have been trying to resist Floss tube but, broke down and have been watching a few.
I have to say Flannel Jammies Farm episode where she interviews Pat Ryan on samplers was very interesting.  
The link will take you to the episode.  
I also have been watching Priscillia and Chelsea, The Real Housewives of Cross Stitch

I'm hoping comments are being forwarded to my gmail account since I'm not getting them on my other email....whats up with that?  
I usually like to respond to comments.
If I don't respond promptly, its because I'm going back to the original post and will comment  

Well that about wraps it up.  
Hope you are having a great weekend.  
Bob is fishing tonight so I splurged and had fast food.  
I usually avoid it but, it is a guilty pleasure that I infrequently imbibe in.  
I suppose that stuff could kill you.  LOL.  
Have a fabulous week.  

Keep on Stitching 


  1. I used to watch all of the time, yes, it was cheesy!
    I'll have to check out the new one.
    That Atlantis yarn is so pretty.
    Can't wait to see your start on Sarah Braisear.
    I hate that when flosses are so off-color.
    I also got hooked on FlossTube.
    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks! I’m anxious to start it too....along with about thirty other projects. Gotta be careful with floss tube, I think it could become a time suck. Have a tremendous week!

  2. Oh my, I love the blue fabric you picked up from Dixie Sampler. Like the Vanilla as well. The yarn you featured is gorgeous. Have a wonderful week!

    1. It will be fabric I will need to think about what to use it for but, love it nonetheless! Have an amazing week too!

  3. I too was a huge fan of Lost in Space as a kid..inspired my sister and I to start our own "Martian club." I did manage to find the Stitching Bee in Green Bay on our way home from Door County. Thanks for the help and I have to say for a small shop, it is great! Great selection and of course, I did some damage!

    1. I seem to be able to find something I can’t live without! I always do damage😂😂. Got to let us know what you got! Have a great week!

  4. Thanks for the heads up about Lost In space. It is hard to find much to watch in the summer so we will give that a try. Looking at the colors reminds me of why I usually buy more than I think I will need. Frustrating!

    1. Your welcome. Dr. Smith is just evil!! Binging as much as old people can...two episodes a night. Have a fantastic week!

  5. If you like Priscilla and Chelsea you should also try Pam and Steph, they make me laugh! Vonna is on there too, and so many others. I like to watch while I'm stitching!

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