Monday, October 16, 2017

Finished the Autumn Band Sampler

I was hoping to post yesterday but, I was having issues with Google Photo and my phone.
Since I downloaded the new Apple IOS 11, it has been working like crap!
I don't like the texting, the return button is too close to the space and what happened to the forward and back arrows?
It is also sucking my battery dry, I have to recharge at least daily. 
I use to charge it every two to three days.  
I think they do this so you need to get a new phone.  
And what's up with that?
An IPhone 7 is still $600......WOW!!!

I digress.
The picture is a little crooked but, its done!
I love this one so much, I decided to start the third one in the series, Thanksgiving Band Sampler.  
I have the frames that I plan on using interchangeably with other Prairie Schooler Samplers.
I really think that Prairie Schooler were some of the best designs.  
It is too bad she isn't designing other than the annual Santa's.  

Hope your week has started well!
Keep on Stitching 


  1. I agree, I will miss PS. That sampler is beautiful!

  2. Congratulations on your beautiful fall finish! Love the colors in this one!

  3. Great finish.
    Love the colors in this one.

  4. Oh I love this one! I love how the leaves were designed, makes for a beautiful finish.