Sunday, May 21, 2017

Company is Coming

Bob's brother and wife are coming for Memorial Day weekend.
I've been working on cleaning up the sewing room.  
That means finishing a pile of projects, well at least the easy ones.
The hard ones are odd shaped cut outs and several reps in finishing.
I got several pinkeeps and a couple of framing pieces.
When they are done, I will post pictures 
I did finish Live Simply and I had the frame parts for it. 
I just have to lace up the back.
I really do love the way it turned out!

I did buy a new quilt and a memory foam pad to make the  bed more comfortable.
Our local JCP is closing so I did get some good dels on the quilt and shams. It will go well in the room.
I do have a great  sense of accomplishment.  

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
Have a great week to!
Keep on Stitching!


  1. Live Simply turned out so pretty. I think I will order that one. It looks great framed and I like the message. Enjoy your week-end guests.

  2. Live Simply turned out great.
    It's kind of sad that some of the long-time stores we all shopped at for so long are shutting down. :(
    Sounds like you got some great deals though.
    Have fun with your company next weekend!

  3. Live Simply looks great and I like the frame you chose for it. Enjoy your company next weekend!

  4. What a super boxed collection of threads! Every time I pick a favorite, she comes out with another winning collection.