Monday, November 14, 2016

My Stitching Bee Retreat

As always, we had a great time.  
It started Friday afternoon.  You can get there as early as one to start stitching in the conference room but, we don't usually get there till actual check in time.  
Where we live, we are limited in shopping.  
Sewing supplies from Walmart or a quilt store.  
Nicest place to buy clothes....JCP and its a small one.  
Major shopping is at least 90+ minutes away.
When you get the chance to go someplace bigger, you take full advantage of it. 
We left at 8:30 and did massive shopping in Green Bay.  
First stop was the Stitching Bee for the specialty supplies we needed.  
I needed some over-dyes for a few projects and I picked up some Dames of the Needle dyed pom-pom for finishing.  
We stopped at a quilt store that Arttie is partial too and I picked up a few fat quarters, again for finishing projects.  
Next stop was Joanne's and was that place crazy!
In addition to about 80 skeins of DMC..Autumn in Hawkrun (silk is fabulous but, just too expensive)
I bought supplies to make a red sweater ugly for work.  
The lights will light up.  
 After lunch, we went to the mall.
I just needed some Bath and Body works and Yankee Candle and I had coupons.  
Finally we got to the Landmark Resort and stitching!!
It is so great to see the friends I have made over the last few years.  

On Saturday we head to Sturgeon Bay to The Spin yarn store and Barn Door Quilters.  
Picked up some great yarn....this for Katy
 Some blue chunky yarn she is going to make a scarf for me.   
I think I like the one in the foreground and it is a little softer since it has a little silk in it.  
I also picked up a little yarn holder because I want to start making mittens.  
I also got some self stripping sock yarn.  
I'm working on some socks now with some and it is sooo much fun.
Socks seem to go faster.  
Two of the retreat attendees brought prizes for everyone.  
Arttie made the little tissue holders....I knew she was up to something.  
Everyone got a denim pocket.
It is to put your cell phone in and hang off the charger while charging.  
It served a dual purpose, every pair of pockets had a different fabric bow that matched its twin.  
We then had to find the person who had the matching pocket and get to know them.  
There are goody bags and door prizes 
 There is a little store she sets up and picked up some cute things.  
I love the Stacy Nash snowman
A Homespun Elegance ornament.  
 Another Homespun Elegance pattern and a needle threader.  
I couldn't resist the little dog.  
 I finished Bountiful Blessings on Friday night.  
I need to just "finish" it...maybe this weekend.  
 I started Brenda Gervais Christmas at Winterberry Cabin.  
The Santa is extremely handsome!
The bad thing about Retreat is the weekend goes way too fast and the next thing you know is you have to go home.  
We are thinking about going on Thursday and stay in GB and get the shopping done so we do have more time for stitching. 
I took off today so I could catch up on the weekend things that needed to get done.  
I'm really glad I did that.  

Now I have to get down to business and get going on Christmas presents.  
I have some simple things lined up that won't take too long...once I get going.  

I am already looking forward to next year's retreat.  

Hope you had a great weekend and will have a fantastic week.  
Keep on Stitching


  1. That sounds like a wonderful week-end to me! Several years ago when we lived in KY we vacationed in Door County. It was fun hearing about places we visited in your blog. Not the shops of course, it was probably 17 years ago. Love your finish, just in time for Thanksgiving. I bought that Stacy Nash Dec. pillow. I hope to start it soon.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time retreating and shopping.
    Great stash and goodies you received.
    Love that SN Snowman.

  3. Sounds like a fantastic heavenly weekend to me :)

  4. Wow, what a fabulous adventure and retreat you attended! The goodies you purchased were fun to see. Good idea on going a day early the next time!