Sunday, November 27, 2016

It Doesn't Look Like A Lot of Progress But, Its That Time of the Year.

It doesn't look like I have made a lot of progress but, I have been working on Super Top Secret projects for Christmas and can't post them yet.  
I am headed into the home stretch with said projects and should be able to stitch.
I miss working on this and have other Christmas projects in the hopper.  

I had a great weekend since it was a four day-er with Thanksgiving.  
The turkey was awesome as was the stuffing.  
I could just eat stuffing!
Did a little black Friday shopping but, nothing too crazy.  
We go about 11 am and go out for lunch and hit smaller places.  
Got more stuff for the Giving Tree at Church than for family.  

My daughter has started an Etsy Store that I will be posting links to once she gives them to me.  

Back to work.
Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.  
Have a great week. 
Keep on Stitching.


  1. I really like that reindeer pulling the 'flatbed' with the snowman and trees. It sounded like you had a good Thanksgiving. Enjoy the coming week!

  2. What a great project. Santa himself would be quite a lot of stitching.

  3. It's looking great.
    It was small business weekend, so, I'm sure your purchases were appreciated.