Thursday, October 27, 2016

Won't Be Done By Halloween

It is progressing nicely but, I'm afraid I won't have it finished by Halloween.  
No way would I have it framed.  
The ghosts are done and am now working on the bat.  
It has been a lot of fun.  
Starting to think about what I'm going to take on stitching retreat in two weeks. 
Yippee!  Two weeks. 
Will start going through stuff.  
Maybe I will do something Christmas-y

Figured I would also include Henry Ford.  
I try to take pictures of Buster but he either won't look, will get up and walk away or just turn his back.  
Kind of a snotty little shih tzu.  

Hope you have been having a wonderful week. 
Are you tired of the campaign yet?  
I am, ready for it to be done. 
I will vote.  
All this crap isn't going to discourage me. 

Keep on Stitching. 


  1. It looks like Henry Ford has fully healed from his round with the porcupine. You have made good progress on your Halloween piece.

  2. Looks great.
    Oh well, you will have a nice finish for next Halloween.
    Henry is cute, funny about Buster though.

  3. Great stitching! It will be ready for next Halloween, it doesn't matter!

  4. That's the main thing - the stitching of the project is fun! You'll have it for next year. :)

  5. Henry Ford is just so cute!!! I love that Halloween pattern, I think it will have to be added to my huge to do pile.

  6. I will vote too, but I do wonder if the election will stop all the nonsense. I love your Halloween project. It always takes me longer to stitch a finish than I plan on.. It will be awesome when finished.