Sunday, October 9, 2016

Henry Ford 0 Porcupine 1

We have a very unhappy Henry Ford tonight.  
It was a good day hunting.  
Two good flushes and then the boys got a grouse.
Called the Vet and they went and had to quills pulled out under anesthesia since most of them were in his mouth.  
13 quills and $460 later, we have a dog that is still a hot mess.  
He just wants to be outside but, it is too cold and he needs to be kept warm.  
He's walking sideways and crying.  
He will be fine but, may never look at a porcupine the same every again.  

The craft sale didn't go so well.  I didn't sell any of my pinkeeps there.  
Katy didn't have a very good sale either.  
That's okay, I was at a class for work.  

I have an update on Tonight is Halloween.  
 Working on my first tomb stone.  
This is a fun stitch!!
Hope your weekend has been better than Henry's.  
I think he may have finally settle down.  

Have a wonderful week.. 
Keep on Stitching


  1. Oh, poor Henry!
    I hope he feels better soon.
    Great progress on Tonight.

  2. Ouch Hope he is okay had a similar experience with a cat and Christmas ribbon--expensive ribbon

  3. Love your Halloween stitching. Poor pup, thinking about porcupine quills in my mouth makes me cringe!

  4. You are making good progress on your tombstone piece. So sorry about Henry Ford's encounter with the porcupine. Hope his is feeling more like his normal self soon.

  5. How is Henry Ford today? Poor baby.