Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Boys

The boys were so cute looking out the front window Friday morning I had to take a picture.  
Bob was out of town at a convention and I like to think they were watching for him.  
 This afternoon, Buster was on the back of the couch on my lap quilt.  
Bob was lying on the couch but, he wanted my quilt.  
He is so much my dog.  
Been working on hot pads for my mom to quilt.  
I had a table runner that she has been working on but, she has been complaining how hard it is too quilt.  I think what she means is that it is too big or she doesn't want to do it. 
She denied not wanting to do them but, said she liked the size of hot pads.  
I don't want to get too crazy making hot pads in case she really does mean she doesn't want to quilt anymore.    
 Front and the backs.  
The binding is the same as the center piece.  
A lot of this fabric I got last year at a quilt store sale.
I think I got 15 fat quarters for $10, can't go wrong.  
Some of the fabric is from whats left of her stash.  
 It doesn't look great but, I have a card table in my craft room which has really come in handy. 
I can cut fabric and not have to put everything away everyday.  

Finally, the Valentine freebie from  Threadwork Primitives.  
You do have to be a member of Prim Stitchers Society on FB and you can find it in the files.  
Oh my gosh, it took no time to stitch.  
While sewing the hot pads I burned the finish off on this.  
We may be on the tail end of the snow dump coming the next few days.  
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Have a great week
And, Keep on Stitching.  


  1. The dogs are so cute and the Valentine pin keep so pretty. I hope you can stay warm!

  2. Awww your boys are so cute. i remember when our Whiner used to watch for me or my dh to come home! I love the quilt blocks you are making. You are making hot pads from them? That will be so pretty. Also I really like your freebie.

  3. Sweet Valentine you created! I love the picture of the boys looking out the window. The quilt blocks are lovely. Enjoy your weekend!