Thursday, January 21, 2016

Christmas Is Finally Done

I finished my last Christmas piece for this season.  
Jingle All The Way from Notforgotten Farm.
I just love this little stitch.  
Now to frame it.  
I have a pile of things to frame but, that isn't the most fun part.  
I finally got some finishes done.  
This was a stitch a long on Prim Stitches but, didn't finish it time.
It was a freebie pattern from With Thy Needle and Thread
 I have some gold chenille to stitch around the edge but, decided that I liked it just the way it is .  
Didn't exactly get the felt a completely round circle.
Oh well.  
I'm back working on Heartstring Samplery His Eye is on the Sparrow.  

One day, last week, as I was walking out of work all these birds were in the tree, fluffed up staying warm.  The following day, they were in one of the crab apple trees eating the fruit.  
There were Cedar Waxwing and just so interesting.  
Hope everyone on the east coast is safe this weekend as the next snowstorm really pounds down. 
The place to be this weekend will probably be here.  
No snow, and in the upper 20's to low 30's.  
It even looks like the weather in Florida will be bad.  

Have a great weekend.
Keep on Stitching


  1. Both your finishes are super looking, Monica. What a sweet little pin pillow (or bowl filler) you created! We are ready for the storm named Jonas (why are they naming winter storms?), so I say bring it on.

  2. Great finishes! You have a wonderful start for Christmas 2016

  3. Jingle turned out so cute, and the little pillow is cute too.
    Oh, Cedar Waxwings are so pretty!
    They stop here, once every Fall in a flock on their travels, such a beautiful bird.
    Good luck with progress on eye of the Sparrow.

  4. Gorgeous finish, you're ahead of the game for next Christmas! Your ornie is so sweet too.

  5. Love your finishes. I have had Jingle All the Way in my stash waiting for a good while. I really should pull it out. We got hit by the storm good and hard. And it has only started. We have more to come all the way through tomorrow afternoon!

  6. Lovely projects:) Jingle all the way is so cute!

  7. Absolutely LOVE Jingle All the Way and your WTN&T finish came out great, too! We are missing the snow as well and I'm quite happy about that!

  8. Love your bird picture. It is really a great shot. Congrats on your finishes

  9. Congrats on your latest finish! I seem to pile up finishes and the framing or sewing up just doesn't get done. Like you, I enjoy the stitching. :)

  10. I adore Christmas...I have it, you know...LOL! For years...
    I really love that sweet pillow tuck too! Darling! and the little wool pennies..cute as a button!
    His Eye is on the going to be one I start soon...if I can get done stitching models...