Sunday, January 24, 2016


It is always a challenge to take pictures for the blog.
I don't have a great camera. I honestly get better pictures from my IPhone
I'm doing His Eye is on the Sparrow on 28 count like the pattern called.  
It is huge piece of fabric and let me tell you it sucks up the floss.
I got more Weeks Oscar used in the border this weekend.  
So trying to get a good photo is a challenge.  
I had a brilliant idea, at least I thought it was brilliant.
Use magnets and stick it to the refrigerator.  
 Close up with natural light
 Close up with the flash...well sort of a close up.  
To get really close you have to take pictures in sections.  
It has been a crappy week but, I won't get into that.
I texted my bestest buddy Arttie and asked if she could do a girls day out on Saturday.
Lucky for me her husband was on call at work so he had to stick close to home.
Road trip to the Stitching Bee.
I really needed some stash enhancement but, mostly needed to have some fun.
These pictures didn't turn out so hot either
Shepherds Bush Reach its a kit and Chessie and Me Queen Bee Stitch Book.

The kit is a ruler pouch:  fabric, thread, ruler and dodads.  
With Thy Needle and Thread Merry Noel and
Plum Street Samplers Jack's Bash 

Like I really need more stash....absolutely. 
I think part of it is acquisition.  
I really wanted to go to the Stitching Bee to see all the Prairie Schoolers that folks brought in.  
If you don't remember, I love Prairie Schooler and am devasted she is retiring.  
There were a few I don't have and may have to see about getting them before it is too late.  
I thought that I should do the annual Santas and at Christmas display them over my patio door.  
That may require having a shelf over the blinds.  

Watching the news and the storm results.
We live where it snows but, it has been a very long time since we had a snow like that.
I would love a heavy snow, we generally don't get the ice which is the worst.  
We get a storm of 6-10" and still can make it too work.  
Would dearly love a snow day...drink coffee, bake cookies and stitch.
Ahhh, Nirvana.

I do hope my friend in the storm zone are doing well, are safe and with heat and light.
Have great week.
Keep on Stitching


  1. That is one intricate sampler but quite beautiful. I have the same problems with the color of photos! Lots of wonderful stash!

  2. Your sampler piece is looking good. Nice stash acquisition; glad you were able to have a girls' play day. Have a wonderful upcoming week.

  3. His Eye is on the Sparrow is looking wonderful. Your other stitching is very pretty also. I only one decent camera and sometimes it doesn't do such a good job

  4. Your Eye is on the Sparrow is looking GREAT!!! We haven't got hit with much snow here either... Not a flake flew here this weekend. Snow days ARE the best!

  5. HEIOTS is looking amazing! That is such a big, beautiful sampler and is not one I think I'd have the patience to stitch. It's impressive! Looks like you got some great stash. We haven't gotten much snow on the SE side of Michigan this year, either. We certainly had enough for a snow day! I too sure would love a day to stay in, make hot chocolate and do nothing but stitch. I also wish you lived on this side so you could join our sampler guild - I'd love to see your work in person.

  6. Putting Eye of the Sparrow on the frig was a great way to get across the size of it and you're doing a beautiful job!