Thursday, May 7, 2015

Not the World's Greatest Pictures

Didn't get the best pictures but, it would help if I ironed.  
The progress on His Eye is on the Sparrow.
It never ceases to amaze me how fast people have finished this.
I saw on the FB page that someone had completed it in 10 weeks.  
I am in awe!
I figure I'm about a third done.  
I'm working on Adam.  
 This is how far I'm on the Stacy Nash.  
This is a little more light weight and easy for a few minutes. 
 Things now are really going to get busy.  Last weekend, we moved my MIL to Assisted Living.  She seems to like is so far.

Tomorrow, my younger sister and kids are coming to help get ready for the rummage sale next weekend.  They are going to stay at my mom's house.  I won't have room this weekend for them all.  This weekend my sister from Florida flies in.  Katy is moving her stuff home before she leave for North Carolina for the Biophysics program.  She flies out on Tuesday at 645am.  We are going to spend the night in Green Bay otherwise we would have to leave home at 2am.  Ouch!!
Then we will be getting ready for the rummage sale next week.
Followed by more company next week to man the rummage sale.
The week of Memorial Day, Bob's brother comes to help clean out her place.

You shouldn't go wishing your life away but, I'm going to be glad when its June 1st.  I'm hoping things will calm down..

Thanks for stopping.  I'm always glad to hear from you.
I'm off now to take my mom to a doctor's appointment.
Keep on Stitching


  1. Wow, you will be busy! I hope you can fit some relaxing stitching in between all the hard work:)

  2. Nice progress on both of your pieces! Hope you are able to get a few relaxing minutes here and there. Good luck to Katy in her program.

    Robin in Virginia

  3. Wow, you are busy!
    Are you stopping at The Bee while in Green Bay?