Saturday, April 25, 2015

Stitching at Cabela's

  I have been trying to move pictures from my cell phone to my laptop since Thursday.  I don't know what has been going on but, it just hasn't been working no matter which way I try.  I have shut things down and rebooted them.  I think one of the problems is my phone is just too old.  I have an IPhone 4.  I need to get a new phone.  I want to get an IPhone 6 and be able to download the stitching app.

Well onward!
On our way to LaCrosse last weekend, Bob needed to pick up a few things.
He has a turkey permit.  That of course, means some new gear:  decoys, calls and a seat to keep his butt dry.  
I have learned a long time ago there is nothing I dislike more that having to follow him around the store five or six times.  
I take a project to work on. 
This is Stacy Nash:  Country Sampler Early Alphabet Pinkeep I won from 
Cabela's has some lovely chairs by the fireplace at the front door.
I just settle myself in and get comfortable with a project.    
All kinds of taxidermed critters, pheasants on the mantel
 A little further away and up higher is a male and female moose.  
Every once and a while a live one will wander into town creating quite a ruckus.
 Later, once we got to LaCrosse, Katy came to the hotel and we went out for dinner at Buzzard Billies a cajun/creole place that was very good.
After dinner she took us to one of her favorite places called the Casino Bar.
The specialty is Russian's:  white ones, black ones and all different kids with different ingredients
aka liquors.  
Love the sign tho and had to take a picture of that.  
 The day before we left, Henry Ford was sunning himself in the back yard for the morning while I cleaned.  Had some toys around him.

Don't expect too much from me in the next few weeks.
My MIL is now moving to the same assisted living my mom is at.
We have her move to deal with now.
After that is the rummage sale at my mom's, sisters are coming to help with that. 
And getting rid of any big furniture left from the MIL
Hopefully by June 1 everything will settle down a little.  

Just hope I can sneak away and stitch a little.

In the meantime, my house is a disaster.

Have a great weekend
Thanks for stopping and the great comments you send me

Keep on stitching


  1. Looks like a nice place to sit and stitch! It sounded like you had a good weekend in LaCrosse. Sending good thoughts and best wishes as you get your MIL moved into her new place.

    Robin in Virginia

  2. What a great place to stitch. I only wish they had a spot like that at Home Depot!!! Good luck with all the family goings on. We have to go to Alabama in the near future to move my step-mom into the skilled nursing part of her retirement village. I am not looking forward to that one bit!!

  3. Oh, that looks like a perfect place to stitch. :)
    Good luck with the move.
    Henry Ford is too cute.