Thursday, February 5, 2015

So Why do People Like to Quilt?

I think I have talked about my mom who will be 88.  
She use to be an excellent quilter but, as she has aged she has really lost her ability to do the most of the piecing.
She can still do the quilting.  She has been able to do a Split Rail pattern but she wants to do something different.  
She wants to make her friends and people who have been important to her gifts.  
The latest was a book bag for her hair dresser who admired her book bag.  
I helped her last weekend get the pieces going the right way.  
Her sister helped with cutting out the pieces.  
Its given her something to work on this week.  
I really think, that she is better mentally when she has some quilting to do.  
A friend of mine is making a top for me for a bed throw my mom will quilt.  
In the meantime, I figured I better get something together for her.  
So, I thought how hard can this be?
I had bought some material this past summer to have her make something since, it had a bigger pattern on it and she could quilt around the flowers.  
Since, I helped her last weekend, I figured I could make a table runner and some placemats.  
It is a very simple nine patch square.  
 Making triangles.
 I have one square put together.  
 Looking at it, I might have changed some of the fabric around.  
 I am going to use the floral for the border and the blue will be the binding.  
The red fabric has a sort of dot in it.  
I should have maybe changed the orange with the floral.
I can't say I have been having fun doing this.  
I really don't think that I will start doing this on a regular basis anytime soon.  
I really think that cross stitch is my passion.  
I started my His Eye on the Sparrow by Heartstring Samplery.  
This is a really large piece.  I think finished its 31x26 but, the small motifs I think will keep it interesting.  
Henry Ford is now refusing to sleep in his crated.  
He has been sleeping under the bed (which is high) and dragging all kinds of things under it.
He will take the bathroom rugs, clothes, shoes and Buster's bed.
One night, he just wasn't going to give it up, taking Buster's bed.  He also tore a whole in it and pulled out stuffing.  We put Buster's bed in the crate.  
Later that night, Buster opened the door and slept in his bed in the crate.  
 Now, we refer to it as the Shih Tzu condo.  
That should just about do it.  
Thanks for stopping and taking the time to send me comments.  
I love to hear from you.  

Keep on stitching
Have a great weekend. 

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  1. Good start on His Eye on the Sparrow! I like your quilt block and I know your Mom will enjoy doing the quilting.

    Robin in Virginia