Sunday, February 15, 2015

Panic Attack After Stitching Group

I worked on my His Eye is on the Sparrow at stitching group Wednesday night.
Thursday morning while laying in bed, I had a panic attack....
"Oh crap I don't think I have enough floss for this thing.  I've only done about a page."
The pattern is just short of twelve pages.  
 I'm doing it on 28 count linen over two threads.  Because of that, I'm using two strands of floss.  I wouldn't have the coverage if I used only one thread.  I posted on the FB page, what to do?
1.  Rip and and try one thread...not a good solution
2.  Start over on smaller fabric like 36 which would mean buying a new piece of fabric
3.  Suck it up and buy more thread.
Of course this would mean a road trip or ordering fabric or floss.
 I went through my stash and had some of the extra floss I may need.  I decided to buy more floss.  That seemed to be the consensus on the FB page.  The group has a trip planned for 2/21/15 but, my buddy Arttie won't be able to go since her step daughter is competing at Cheer competition and she is going to that.  Having the day off and being me, I'm always up for a road trip.  We went.  I also figured if we didn't go, there will be a snowstorm and we won't be able to go.  If there isn't, I'm always up for a road trip.   There were some things I needed to get and I needed my sewing consultant with me.  We did have fun!
My progress on the piece.  

Kendra from the Stitching Bee is going to market this year.  I have placed an order with her for some of the show exclusives.  
My list:  Stacy Nash Cherry Hollow Farm
Chessie and Me:  1801 House
Nikyscreations:  Seasonal Band Sampler
With Thy Needle and Thread:  Summer at Cherry Hill
Plum Street Samplers:  Sampler Lessons (Serial Bowl Collection)

It has been unbelievably cold here.  Today was warm, 5 above 0.
Yesterday the high was 1 with wind making the windchill -24 to -30 all day.
I did not leave the house. 

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day.
Have a great week and thanks for the wonderful comments. 
I love hearing from you!
Keep on Stitching 


  1. I would have voted for purchasing additional floss! :-) Nice progress.
    Sounds like the weather here in New England ~ arctic blast in so many areas of the US.

  2. Those floss scares make life very difficult!! I agree with buying more floss. That does seem the easiest solution. We are visiting family in Northern Alabama. It is going to go into the teens here tonight! Our coldest of this winter.

  3. Glad you opted to buy more floss! That would have been my vote. Stay warm!

    Robin in Virginia