Sunday, November 13, 2011

Update on Prairie Schooler November

Great stitching weekend!  Watched some old movies and stitched like nuts.  I think I made significant progress and almost half way done. 
Did get other things done:  grocery shopping, visited the father-in-law in the nursing home (suppose to be discharged on tuesday), out for pizza, church, laundry, opened the car door when the husband got locked out while doing errands, baked home made chocolate chip cookies, (toll house is my fav's) and cooked dinner:  roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans.  Bob is going to deer camp tomorrow night and what a pitiful place it is:  no electricity, no plumping, no running water or pump and the appliances are death traps.  Probably guarantee to get carbon  monoxide poisoning from so he got a little gas burner and thats where he locked himself out of the car.  Word of advice:  Always take your keys.  LOL  I am sending cookies, meat with the gravy for sandwiches and I have a zucchini bread in the freezer. 
Keep on stitching?

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