Sunday, November 27, 2011

End of the Weekend and Thanksgiving

It really has been a rough couple of weeks.  Between my mom and my father-in-law we have been to the emergency departments of two hospitals five times.  We haven't seen the last of it either.  It has been very stressful.  It is a good thing that I stitch because sometimes I think its the only way I stay calm.  Both I and my husband have been having the middle of the night panic attacks.  You know the wake up in the middle of the night and your heart is just pounding and you can't get back to sleep because you start thinking about the impending doom.  All the parents are well into their 80's. 

It was good for us to have the kids home but, with all the stress they are more than ready to get back to school.  I wish I was going with them. 

So I keep stitching as much as possible and that has been the high point.  Last night, Katy and I even had a beading night and watched Christmas in Connecticut,  one of our favorite holiday movies and generally good for whatever ails you. 

So the up date on Prairie Schooler November
 It is done, I just need to frame it.  I have moved on to other things that I just can't disclose incase there are recipients lurking. 

And the bracelet I made last night.  It is copper and pink and gold jasper beads.  the beads are much prettier in person.  Katy even wants me to make one for her. 
Keep on Stitching.  I know I will. 

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