Thursday, October 27, 2011

Some Cross stitch finishes

I finally finished the Chessie and Me Pumpkin Row.  I just made into a little pillow to plunk down in places.  I looks really good on the little plant stand I am using as a portable table.  There isn't room on the one end of the couch for an end table.  It blocks the door to the TV armoire.  I saved this from the mass clean out of the in-laws house and thought I could use it as an end table if there are guests and I need an extra table.  In the meantime, its tucked into a little spot next to the armoire and I decorate it.  The little basket is a Ghana basket I picked up at the Farmers Market.  I have a larger one I use for market. 
The Pumpkin Row  turned out so cute, I whipped up a little knob fob.  A little dodad that you can hang on a knob of a china cabinet or kitchen cabinet just as an element of surprise.  I made this one and gave it too my mom.  The little pumpkins were just so cute.    I should have taken a picture of the fabric on the back of these two pieces.  It is quilt fabric I picked up years ago that have little pumpkins and vines.  Very Cute!

 So while I had sewed the sides on the machine and was rooting around the stitch closet I found this piece.  I don't exactly remember the designer on this piece.  I did it last fall and never framed it.  I cut some matt board and had a frame in my frame stash that would fit it and finished this off last week at the stitching group.  It's hanging above the first picture.  I do rotate pictures in and out of frames.  Prairie Schooler pieces work well with this since they are often the same size in a series like the year ones. 
Still working on the Stitching group Christmas presents.  I am going to start a new Prairie Schooler, November; Book 149.  I can usually burn through those pretty fast.  I will keep you posted.  I am also working on a pair of socks, out of Paca-ped yarn.  Ab-so-lute-ly gorgeous!!!
And, finally, I made bear stew for dinner that was amazingly good.  I am always amazed the bear is as tasty as it is!

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