Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back from La Crosse and seeing Katy

We had a super great weekend with Katy!  She is really having a great time. 
Got her all stocked up on the essentials:  laundry soap, food, drawer to keep food in, and snow boots.  That time is coming fast and a girl will need good sensible boots that will keep her feet warm and dry on those snowy, stormy days hiking to the cafeteria. 

 Katy and her room mate Tiffany.  They seem to get along and have approximately the same level of neatness...well maybe Tiffany is a little neater.  What a small room!
 Katy in front of the Library where she will study especially between classes if she doesn't want to fall asleep.
 Love this picture of the center of campus and the clock tower.  On saturday, most the bikes are parked.
 Grandfathers Bluff in the background.  Half hour hike there and back and who knows how long it takes to get up but, it takes a while and I am not that ambitious. 
 Me and Katy
Bob and Katy.  He should smile once and a while. 

Friday we got all the shopping done....of course I stopped at Crosse Stitchery and Main Street Framing.
Saturday:  tour of campus, beading at the hotel while Bob went to Gander Mountain.  Chinese dinner and a play on campus The Fransworth Invention.  That was exceptional, very professional college production.
Sunday:  home and laundry. 
She is just too doggone far away!

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