Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Weekend (maybe before that alittle)

Boy, what a busy weekend.  What a busy week.
Thursday, the kids and I went to the in-laws house that we thought was sold (I'll get to that) to sell stuff.  We had posted in on Craigs List because it was a last minute sort of thing.  This is just a very minute amount. One guy came in during the sale and thought the carpet was cool.  It is 1970's shag that you swear needs to mowed every couple of weeks.  We had a decent sale for not really advertising which paid for some of the expenses.....It was incredibly hot, 95 degrees with a heat index of 105, and try and hoist an oven out of a basement like that.  UGH!!! :(
By the end of the weekend, my husband, BIL, nephew and daughters BF hauled away:
2 Tons of scrap wood all used of course
1 Ton of metal
3 Tons of crap, it was amazing what they found.  A one foot tall jar of paper clips, two jars of old pipe caulking that looked like something furry and dead, too many nuts, bolts and bent nails to count.  It was amazing and repulsive at the same time. 

During the midst of all this, the realitor couldn't get my in-laws, either because the phone isn't working or more likely they can't hear it, to tell them the sale fell through.  The buyers weren't able to get the loan from the bank.  They had been pre-approved but who knows for how much.'

So it is pretty much cleaned out.  A couple more trips to the dump and then its done.  So we had everyone over hear for dinner last night, which was pretty spur of the moment, after we had been at the Farmers Market all morning.  Katy did have an awesome day!!!!

Today after mounds of laundry, we saw the new Harry Potter.  That was awesome.  It is sad that it feels like an end of an era.  I started reading the first book when the twins were 5.  We read the first four books completely out loud.  I don't know who enjoyed them more, the kids or the husband.  I think they grew up with Harry Potter.  I wasn't so sure I was going to like the 3D but, in this one scene with Voldemort.....I won't spoil it, I wanted to reach out and grab something.  If you saw the movie you know what I mean.  

Off for now.  Go back to see the orthopedic doc tomorrow.  I hope another cortisone injection will work.  I swear I am never going to scrub another floor on my hands or knees again.  

One more pic.  My lovely Huck, I miss him so.... 

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