Sunday, May 12, 2019

Slow Stitch Yes and No

Just started hearing about Slow Stitching or Knitting.  
It is about more mindful work.  
To enjoy it while you are doing it and not to rush to move on the next project.  
I guess, yeah sort of.  
I do enjoy it in the moment but.....
There are way too many beautiful projects, thread and yarn out there.  
Acquisition goes against the slow stitch but, you snooze you loose.
How many patterns have you seen, wanted, waited and then can't get the pattern?
So I stitch slow but, wont' wait.  
Not ready to embrace the "Slow" movement.  
Needed to do some shopping this weekend,  
We have lost a lot of retailers over the last few years. 
We lost JCP and now Shopko is fizziling out.
Shopko is kind of regional (I guess)
Hoping not to offend anyone, I just don't like Walmart.  
I feel it has been bad for the country and they really don't have cheaper prices  
I can get cleaning supplies cheaper at the grocery store.  
Meijers is 50 miles away and Target is 100.
We went to Green Bay and planned on stopping at Target.  
We also went to Fresh Thyme, Joann's, Hobby Lobby and Barnes and Noble.  
We stopped at the Fly Fishing store and The Stitching Bee 
I found an older BBD I didn't have that is quite charming.  

I was in the store when this Designer stopped. 
The shipment from Brenda Gervais came in and I've been eyeing this one on posts.  
In the foreground is a little galvanized holder I found at Hobby Lobby.  
I had a coupon that worked and I figured it would be cute to finish something.  
Making progress on Merrily.  
I have to decide what initials I'm going to put on it in the places where there are initials.  
I figure it will be mine and Bob's and then maybe just the kids first initials.  
I am mindfully stitching all the motifs.
I LOVE motifs!!!!
I wanted to get some candle wreaths to put on my candle pillar holders.
I looked last year for spingy ones but couldn't find any.  
Had the same problem this year.  
Joann's had ivy wreaths and I got silk flowers that were on sale.
I just cut them off the main pick and tucked them in.  
Come fall, I will just throw them in a bag and do it again next year.  
Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!
I did, got a little stitching in and my son took me out to lunch. 
Hope you have been safe and  dry...lots of storms.  
Have a great week!
Keep on Stitching!


  1. Sounds like a fun shopping trip! Especially if it included a stitching shop. Your BBD is so pretty! I love the way you made the candle rings!

  2. Not sure I would enjoy the Slow Stitch, like you said, too many things to stitch!
    We had a small Shopko here, hubby bought me 2 stitching lamps.
    One is the stand kind, another a table lamp, both have 2 settings. They both were only $21 each, so a great buy.
    I lost my task lamp when we moved, just never found it in all of the boxes! I know I packed it, just don't remember what kind of container I put it in!
    Merrily is looking great!
    Have a good week!

  3. Merrily Merrily is looking fabulous. It sounded like you had a good shopping outing. Not familiar with Shopko, so I am guessing we don't have it around here. Enjoy your week!