Sunday, April 15, 2018

More Sprinter

We have been part of that fierce snow storm that hit the midwest.
It was suppose to affect us on Saturday during the day but didn't hit us till 11:30 last night.  
We have gotten about eleven inches and apparently it is icy under the snow.  
It isn't as windy as it was yesterday but, the snow will drift  
Bob blew snow at about 2 pm  and we had nearly a foot by the front door.  
We have had a few more hours of snow since then and another inch or two.  
Everyone is just tired about it. 
We have a raised  flower bed in the back of the yard that is at least 14" at the south end (right end).
The snow is pretty much up to the top.  
Henry was just watching it snow out the front window.  
Buster just felt it was a good day to nap.  
I was too busy to nap or even stitch this afternoon.  
It was a good day to bake some chocolate chip cookies.  

I make amazing chocolate chip cookies...real butter and real vanilla.  

I am nearly done with Threadwork Primitives  Painted Threads.  
I love this pattern.  
A busy weekend as usual.
Hope the weather was better where you are and Spring is there.  
Who knows when we will get Spring, maybe July.  

Have a wonderful week.
Keep stitching!


  1. Your weather makes our rain look more bearable! Already we have more rain than we usually get in the entire month of April. I really like the piece you are working on.

  2. We have snow here also, but not quite as much as you.
    It had a few inches of ice underneath, making it very hard to shovel.
    Not sure we will have Spring this year.
    My Nephew and his wife have a camper in Door County, and can't go up until mid-May.....maybe.
    They have to go up and clear the 25" of snow off their camper today though. Feel bad for them!
    Painted Thread is pretty.

  3. Your chocolate chip cookies look fabulous. Painted Thread is looking very pretty. While I am a winter/snow person, I join the ranks of saying enough is enough. Be careful out there if you have to go out.

  4. Thank you for sharing your outing with us! I am glad they are 'repurposing' these old buildings. I hope you are happy with your new appliances. Enjoy your week!

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  5. Pretty projects and great idea,Thank you for the tutorial and for sharing !