Sunday, December 17, 2017

My Life Has Been An Onion

A few weeks ago I was lamenting about my Stress test and hoping my knee was going to hold up.
I was able to walk for my stress test I am woefully out of shape but, I blame that on that knee too.
They take images before the walking part and after the test to see how the heart looks. 
My EKG was fine during the test but, the images weren't clear.  
When I talked to my Cardiologist he wanted a more definitive answer.
I was scheduled for a Cardiac Catheterization!
Talk about Panic Attacks!  
I had it Friday.  
On Thursday, I was having monumental Panic Attacks.  
I thought I was going to pass out so, I would sit down and check my blood pressure and it would be fine.  
Then the time kept changing:  10 am then 5:20 am then back to 10 am.  
We went that morning and while prepping the nurse reassured me everything was going to be fine.
As she explained, there are three outcomes:
Door #1:  Everything is fine
Door #2:  They put in stents or do a angioplasty
Door 3#:  They take pictures and have you meet with a Cardiac Surgeon (Scream!!)
Long story short, I got Door #1......Hooray!!!
So the best Christmas Present ever!
My heart palpitations are benign and Beta Blockers would and they do help!
Hopefully we are done peeling this onion!

Still working on Christmas presents so not many pictures.  
I have been working on Plum Street Samplers Merry One.  
I first saw this a couple years ago and it was a limited edition kit but, then came out as a pattern.
It is so much fun and I love the colors.  

Had to post this ridiculous picture of Henry after rooting around in the snow.  
Waiting for a couple of packages to come in the mail.
Wrapping needs to be done.
I have mailed all my boxes out.  
Hope your weekend has been good.
Mine has been much more relaxed than the last couple of weekends.  
Have a great week!
Keep on Stitching 


  1. Oh Monica, I am so happy to hear you came out from behind door #1. I love the picture of Henry Ford with the snow on his muzzle. Nice progress on Merry One!

  2. Vert happy to hear the great news! things like that are so very scary!! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  3. Glad you got Door #1!!!!
    Henry is too funny.

  4. Fabulous outcome Door #1! Great Christmas gift...many blessings to you on the rest of your Henry’s photo🐾❤️ He is adorable...

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