Thursday, June 1, 2017

I'm So Confused

I'm so confused.
All of the sudden I've gone from +300 views a day to maybe 60.
What's up with that?
Oh well....

Bob's brother and his wife were here this weekend.
We had a great time!
About a year ago, we bought a piece of property on a trout stream. 
We went to show it to them.
After we poked around for a while, we went to Eagle River for lunch.
When we got to town, the Main Street was blocked off for a craft show.
It was a really great day for a craft show, they were predicting rain.  
I got some great stuff.

I figured Bob could get my b'day present.
This yard art spins in the most calming manner that is just way cool!

The bucket is an old maple syrup bucket.
If the syrup is going to be shipped out of the state' then a tube system must be used.
The buckets have been re-purposed n a very appealing way.  They were only$20 so I got a second one I'm going to a bridal shower in a few weeks and I could use it as part of the gift.
I plan on buying things like cocktail napkins and plates etc. 
To add to more confusion, I started this post on Monday on my IPad.
Its great to import the pictures from my google account but, there are times it just doesn't work well for typing the actual post.
I just realized that when I started a new post, I forgot to finish this one on my laptop.  
Good thing tomorrow is Friday.  
Onward I go, to finish this post and finish the other one I started today.

Hope you are having a good week.
Keep on Stitching.


  1. Yard art is so fun--especially with re purposed items. Your bucket looks very versatile

  2. Love the spinner, and that bucket is so cute.

  3. I like both the spinner and the bucket. Sounds like a fun week-end! It's so much fun running into a surprise craft show.

  4. What great finds! I really like the yard art spinner you picked up. It sounded like a great weekend!

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