Thursday, June 1, 2017

Complete Finishes

I finished projects.
I apologize if the pictures aren't exactly straight,
 I used antiqued buttons and jute twine from the garden shed.
I have got to get more twine.
I was going to put the bells along the bottom but, decided I wanted something a little different. 
I also thought about putting chenile around it but, decided I was going to be lazy.
This was the last finish I did and I just lost steam.
Love the antique buttons!
Always a little tricky to attach ric rac.  
I appliqued the wool leaf on the back just as the directions indicated. 
The little acorn charm was just the finishing touch. 

I have no idea where the fabric came from around the edge but, it looked good with the sweet, little ornament.                    
Now, I started With Thy Needle and Thread:  Faith of the Heart.  
I have a little of the main house done, really not much to look at just yet.

Started watching the Netflix Documentary series The Keepers.
You need a strong stomach to watch it but, it is excellent!

So all the posts are now done.
Have a terrific weekend.
Thunderstorms on Saturday, hoping Sunday will be nice.
Keep on Stitching.


  1. A lovely assortment of fully finished pieces :)

  2. Lovely finishes! That's the part of stitching I have the most trouble being motivated to do! Yours all look really nice!

  3. What a wonderful assortment of finishes you created! Love the acorn charm you used with the appliqued leaf! Way to go!

  4. The bread looks good to me, and I hope that it works out for your daughter. Your stitching is beautiful!