Sunday, February 14, 2016

Just Too Busy To Blog

First, let me say Happy Valentine's Day!  
Hope you had a wonderful day!

Things have been very busy around here.....So what else is new.  
Last weekend, we went to see Katy in LaCrosse and had a wonderful visit.  
We stayed at a different hotel because we couldn't book a room where we usually do.
There was the State Dance Team Championship.  
We ended up staying downtown. 
It was really great to be near the restaurants we planned on going to.
We took a road trip to Viroqua and after we got back, Katy and I walked to the Antique Mall.
I got some more buttons. 
I need to wash one bag.  There are some really old buttons in that one. 
Saving for a later blog post.  

Wanted to show the latest of His Eye is on the Sparrow.  
I finished the words and have been working on the upper section.
Thread suck  
I wish I had kept track of how much thread I have use.  

 Spent all afternoon working on making hot pads for my mom to hand quilt.  
She complains that table runners are now too big.  
Let me tell you, it takes me just as much time to make a table runner as a set of hot pads and lots less quilting for her to do.  
And, I really don't like to sit and sew all afternoon either.  

I also have an afghan I'm working on and a pair of socks.  There just isn't enough hours in a day.

Thats about what I know.
Hope you had a great weekend.
Keep on Stitching


  1. You have made good process on your WIP. The hot pads look nice. Glad you had a good visit with your daughter! Enjoy your week!

  2. This was a wonderful post to read. Thank you for sharing your world

  3. Sparrow is looking so beautiful and I can imagine how much thread that baby uses! A good button find is always fun and it looks like you're keeping your mom busy, too.