Sunday, February 21, 2016


While we were in La Crosse, Katy and I walked from our hotel to the Antique Mall around the corner.  I love this place and have bought a few things over the years, a Scandinavian box, picnic baskets and of course, buttons.  
You can get a good amount of buttons for a few dollars.  
Buttons really come in handy when finishing projects. 
This time I got two bags of buttons.  One bag is all white buttons and the other was a mixed bag of buttons.  Today I cleaned them.  I got all the old thread off and then washed them.  Two of the buttons cracked in the process but, it really needed to be done because they were very dirty.  
Some select pictures of my new buttons.  There really is quite a selection.  These are the favorites. 

I love the way old bone buttons look. 
There are a lot of shell buttons in the bag.  Some of them appear quite old.  I like the one with the carving on it.  La Crosse had been a mecca in the shell button industry in the day.  They were made out of freshwater clams from the Mississippi River.  
 I'm not exactly sure what this would be called.  It has a button top but, looks like it would pierce fabric and be more like a stud?  
 Just a variety of bone, wood, shell, and metal.  The grey with the color rims, is metal.  I love the little one just below the dark brown has a sunburst.  That dark brown one has some carving on it too. 
I should have enough buttons to last for a while.  I was looking for just the white buttons but, I'm really glad I got both bags.

Hope you have had a restful weekend.
Keep on Stitching.


  1. What a wonderful collection of buttons! I don't think I have any quite that old.

  2. What a wonderful assortment of buttons you came home with! Good find!

  3. Beautiful! I love buttons! There are so many styles and materials!

  4. What great buttons you've found!
    The one with the swirly thingy on it used to be used in upholstery. They would put them on the seams to hold them together and look decorative.
    They kind of screw into the fabric.
    They are like a tack.
    Most were made out of metal, yours is very pretty.
    Use in on a special project!
    Have a great week.