Sunday, January 11, 2015

Still Plugging Along

I am still plugging along on my Lizzie Kate.
It's nearly done but, I just don't seem to have a lot of time to work on it. 
Work, dogs, moms, cold know the drill.  
I had to rip out one of the trees cuz it was slightly off.  
 This picture is more true to color.  
Worked on some little projects.  I want to organize my charts better.  Posted on Prim Stitchers.
Do I organize by designer or by subject.  I can see the advantage of doing either.  I think I'm leaning more towards subject.

I finished one of Ed's socks and have stitches on a needle.  I want to get a few rows done tonight.

In the winter doldrums and its been cold.  It has actually warmed up a bit today and got to 19.
Suppose to be 30 next weekend.  Wouldn't be surprised if that means more snow.

Where do the weekends go?
Have a wonderful week!
Thanks for taking the time to send me little comments.  I do enjoy them

Keep on Stitching


  1. I do like the project you are working on. I especially like that phrase from Dickens. Plus, the colors are very pretty.

  2. This is a charming piece, I really like the sentiment.
    Have a great week ")

  3. I have this one in the stash and have it on the list to stitch this year. Yours is beautiful and I'm sure you will have a finish soon! Happy Monday! Laura

  4. Your LK piece is looking good, Monica! I organize my charts by designer. For me it was easier.

    Robin in Virginia

  5. Boy do I know the drill! :) At least you've put in a few more stitches - it's looking great!

  6. Cute Sampler.
    I organize my patterns alphabetical by designer, but then I have a "to-do soon" pile pulled. lol

  7. Your L*K is looking gorgeous, great progress