Sunday, November 3, 2019

And I Won!!!!

While I'm on my exercise bike I watch Floss Tube.
A few weeks ago, I was watching Theresa The Kitten Stitcher.  
Her question to win some prim patterns was "What was your favorite Halloween costume."
I answered the Tooth Fairy.  
I dressed as that when I was the Activity/Rehab Director at a nursing home.  
I passed out Hersey Kisses and called them fillings (because they kind of look like that).  
I was at the retreat and checked my email and found out I had won!
This is what I won.  
I have never seen anything from this designer so I am super stoked!
I am very grateful for winning.  

 Close up of the patterns  
It will be a fun quick stitch.  
 I may convert to overdyes and do it on some 54 count linen since the patterns look simple.  
 Stopped to pick up knitting needles for the shawl project I posted last week.  
I probably won't start until after the holidays
She has some classes this week and these little knitted snowmen are Wednesday.
The stitching group signed up for it so we will do that instead of meeting.  
 I saw people talking about this kit offered by the Country Sampler in Spring Green by 
NeedleWorkPress:  Sarah Stewart Hardman that was converted to more antique colors and linen.  
 The threads are overdyes:  Crescent Colors and Gentle Arts
The Fabric is Mocha.
I am absolutely in love with this conversion.  
 I picked up this kit when we were at the Country Sampler in April  
Even though it isn't a Christmas pattern, it still looks Christmas-y
I may go back to the Little House Christmas monthly from last year.  
I started it but, then after I saw it done as a bell pull, I stopped and got the fabric to do it that way.  
Either way, none of it will be done by Christmas.  
I am still working on Christmas presents and 2/6 are done.  

It is definitely getting colder here and there may be some snow in the forecast.  
Started watching the Hallmark Christmas movies this weekend and have enjoyed every minute.  
Makes me want to start decorating but, not until after Thanksgiving.  
Got to get some of my Turkeys out.  

Hope you had a wonderful week and weekend.  
Thanks for stopping!
Keep on Stitching!!


  1. Congrats on your win!
    Love all of those cute Snowmen, and that's a gorgeous Sampler.
    Turkey Day is coming up fast!
    Have a great week!

  2. Congratulations on your win from Kitten Stitcher! What super charts they are! I love the picture with the Snowmen. Enjoy your week!

  3. Congratulations on your win!! I love Mary Oakley. I had not seen that chart, I love to do samplers that look like Christmas but can stay up all year.