Monday, February 6, 2017

Really Finished Piece

 I really finished my Plum Street Samplers Sampler Lesson.  
This is a tin I picked up years ago.  
The kit came with an off white chenille trim but, I rooted around in my stash and found one I had bought from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe called Terra Cotta.  
It matched the Adobe floss.  
I keep my magnet strips and needle parks in here when I'm not using them. 
I also have extra floss bobbins and dodads.  
Starting working on Autumn at Hawk Run but, made an error so it won't be centered by 7 stitches. 
I think I can live with that.  

Katy and I went and saw Rings, the third movie in the creepy Ring movies.  
It was creepy but, not too gross.  
Ate piles of popcorn.....shouldn't do that but, movie popcorn is the best!

Hope your weekend was spectacular.  
Have a great week!
Keep on Stitching.  


  1. The first Rings movie gave me nightmares for weeks, though I do love a good horror movie. I like your choice of the terracotta colored trim much better.

  2. Nice finish.
    Saw the previews of Rings, look creepy. :)

  3. Your tin top looks super, Monica. Good choice on the trim!

  4. I really like the use of the design on the tin. The trim is perfect!

  5. Nice finish.
    Saw the previews of Rings, look creepy. :)