Sunday, May 8, 2016

Life Has Been Very Busy

Life has been very busy.  
My mom has been trying to leave the Assisted Living Facility and she has been more confused.  
Last Thursday, we moved her to a Memory Care owned by the same family but, since there were no openings where she was at, we had to move her to one about ten miles away.  
She seems to be dealing with it as well as can be expected.  
She gets more confused in the late afternoon and then that's when she starts to wander.  
It was a difficult decision and it is very hard to see one's parent failing.  

I did some fabric dying today. 
I tried to find the fabric this pattern called for.
When I couldn't find it in my usual places, I decided I could try doing it myself.  
I had gotten some red dye thinking I would need it but, I didn't.
I used 3 cups of water and heated it a little in the microwave and added a teaspoon of vinegar and a teaspoon of brown Rit dye.  
I had a scrap of white linen and tested it.  
I only used the brown dye and I think it turned out amazing.  
The light color, I only dipped once and ironed it.
The darker piece I would dip three times and iron it.
I did that until I got the right, nine times.  
I ironed it every three dips.  
It turned out pretty close to the color on the pattern.  
 I have been working on Nikyscreation Seasonal Band Sampler.
I started this on my trip to North Carolina last summer since it was smaller and easily portable. 
I changed a few colors since I didn't like the way it was looking. 
The green the pattern called for just looked too light to me so I swapped it out for 3052.  
 My next project is from Punch Needle and Primitive Stitching the Winter issue.  
It is a La-D-Da
Again the fabric was one I didn't have and I didn't like any in my stash.  
It's called Wren and I thought it had a grey tinge to it.  
I got some black Rit dye and just added a few drops.  
I think I'm pretty okay with how that one turned out with the thread.  
 Here is how it looks compared to white linen.  
I hope all you Mom's out there had a good Mother's Day.  
Mine has been kind of low key.  
Bob always helps at the Mother's Day breakfast at church but, I don't like to go to that.  
I did see my mom, and today is also her birthday.
I ordered a cake for everyone to enjoy.  
Yesterday, I met my bestie's from college for lunch in Appleton.  
We usually get together when I'm in Milwaukee for a conference but, I'm not able to go this year because of Katy's graduation.  

Have a wonderful week
Keep on Stitching


  1. You are quite the adventurer with all the dying! They look very good. It is very hard seeing your parent go down hill! I have been through that.

  2. What a great job dyeing your fabrics! Your projects will be lovely.

  3. I hope your Mom adjusts to her new home soon.
    Your fabrics turned out nice, great job.
    That magazine is great.

  4. What a fabulous job you did on the fabric dyeing! Keeping you and your family in my thoughts as your Mom adjusts to her new home.

  5. What beautiful colour you have come up with. It looks the same as pattern. I use gravy browning rather than tea to dye linen but haven`t tried another colour. Happy Stitching.

  6. So sorry your Mom is having these difficulties. Sundowner's syndrome is very common among those with dementia.

    Excellent job dyeing your fabric! I've never tried that. :)

  7. I know exactly what you're going thru with your mom - we're going through the same although we haven't yet gotten to the point of memory care. She is definitely worse in the evenings, too and it is exhausting.
    The fabrics you dyed turned out great! You did a fantastic job.