Sunday, September 20, 2015

Couldn't Think of a Clever Title.

I have put away His Eye is on the Sparrow for a while.
I love stitching all things fall:  fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving.  
I also enjoy Christmas pieces.  
From now until after the Holidays, I will most likely be stitching those things.  
This a quick little stitch from Hillside Samplings called Bittersweet Farm.  
I started it last week and it is going fast.  
I just have to finish the hill infront of the house, the pumpkins, bittersweet border and a little back stitching.  
I thought I would add a few pics of the boys.  
Henry Ford has been out of the woods so he has some burrs stuck to him.
We are gradually getting them out with help from Cowboy Magic used on horses.  
Someone told us about this years ago when Huck had them.  
 Then there's Buster.  
I don't know if you remember the Schwepps Man but his 'stache reminds me of him.  
 Then my mom has been working on a quilt.  
It is a simple square.  She had tried doing a split rail but,  that wasn't working so good.
She kept sewing the strips the same way rather than making a 3 strip square and turning it.  
She has been fighting with this for a few weeks.
When I stopped to see her yesterday, she had one of the CNA's trying to figure out what was wrong with her machine.  
There wasn't really anything wrong with the sewing machine. 
You know how there is that little slit on a spool of thread to hook the end, the thread was caught on that.  
She had all the stitch lengths, tension and whatevers all screwed up trying to fix what was wrong.  
I fixed it, turned the spool around and got everything adjusted and it sewed just fine.  
I did offer to take it home and finish the last few rows.  
On thursday, when I stopped she was trying to pin a row that she hadn't sewn the squares together yet.  Some of the patterned pieces are wrong side.  It is hard to tell the difference. 
I finished the last few rows
 I also have it layed and pinned ready for hand quilting. 
Its just getting too hard for her to sequence things.
I wrote everything down for her.
My aunt had the squares pinned for sewing and the rows numbered.  
It was starting to get to her.   
 Hope you had a good weekend.
Keep on stitching


  1. Your little piece is very pretty. I agree, it is the time for fun seasonal stitching. Hope your mom is able to keep quilting. It must be very frustrating for her when things don't go together.

  2. Bittersweet Farm looks great.
    Cute pics of the doggies. :)
    Glad you helped your Mom with her quilt.

  3. Beautiful stitching and quilt. I hope your mom is able to continue quilting too if it brings her joy.

  4. Your fall piece looks great. Love the pictures of the boys! Your Mom's quilt project is looking good.

    Robin in Virginia

  5. It is lovely that your mum is still quilting and doing crafty things but it is tough to see someone struggle with it as they get older... When my grandma died, we found about six starts of the same cross stitch chart... Should you laugh or cry?! Talk about a never-ending project...:)